Signature Cocktails

Immerse yourself in the world of mixology with Malolam’s collection of signature cocktails. Each beverage is a masterpiece, artfully combining premium spirits, hand-selected ingredients, and innovative techniques. From the classics reinvented to avant-garde creations, Malolam’s skilled bartenders have perfected every detail to deliver an unforgettable drinking experience. Let Malolam’s cocktails ignite your senses and transport you to a realm of flavor and sophistication.

Local and Craft Brews

Texas is renowned for its vibrant craft beer scene, and at the bar, Malolam celebrates the best local and regional breweries. Indulge in a wide selection of carefully curated beers, ranging from hoppy IPAs to rich stouts and refreshing lagers. Malolam takes pride in supporting local artisans, bringing you the freshest and most exciting brews from the heart of Texas and beyond. Raise a glass and savor the craftsmanship in every sip.


Whiskey Discovery

For the whiskey connoisseur in search of exceptional spirits, Malolam’s Whiskey Discovery session is a haven of rare finds and timeless classics. Whether you prefer a smooth, smoky dram or a robust, full-bodied pour, Malolam’s whiskey collection promises to delight and inspire.

Scotch Sensations

Embark on a journey through the rugged landscapes of Scotland with Malolam’s remarkable collection of Scotch whiskies. From the peat-laden malts of Islay to the refined elegance of Speyside, Malolam’s selection showcases the diversity and artistry of this iconic spirit. Uncover the complexities of single malts, blended whiskies, and exclusive limited editions, carefully chosen to provide a truly immersive experience for the discerning whiskey enthusiast.

Bourbon Bliss

Indulge in the rich heritage and unmistakable flavors of bourbon, America’s native spirit. Malolam’s Bourbon Bliss session pays homage to this iconic whiskey style, featuring a wide array of hand-selected bourbons. From small-batch releases to single barrel gems, discover the depth and character of corn-based elixirs that have captured the hearts of whiskey lovers worldwide. Sit back, sip, and savor the smooth, caramel notes that define this beloved spirit.

Worldly Whiskeys

Expand your horizons and explore the global tapestry of whiskeys in Malolam’s Worldly Whiskeys session. Journey beyond the familiar and discover the rich traditions and unique flavors from distilleries around the world. From the smoky allure of Japanese single malts to the pot still magic of Irish whiskies, allow your taste buds to wander and experience the cultural diversity that defines whiskey production. Unearth hidden gems and toast to the global whiskey community.